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Melina Carnicelli, Metatron Travel

She retired from political office as mayor of the City of Auburn, NY in 2004 to return to her career in public education as Assistant Superintendent in the Ithaca, NY school district. Upon retiring from that administrative post in 2008, she joined with a long-time friend to create a travel company catering to intimate (small) groups of adventurers who desire personalized service and unique itineraries to sacred sites and energy vortexes throughout the world. Melina says, “I have had wanderlust my whole life. As a young girl I dreamed of visiting the Greco-Roman antiquities, and at age 10 upon seeing the architecture of the government buildings in Washington, DC, I knew Greece would be where I’d first set foot outside North America.” In 1981, she lived her vision via her first European vacation…Greece and Italy. Since then, Melina has traveled extensively throughout the US & Europe with a lifetime highlight trip to Russia when it was still under Soviet rule. On a recent trip to Eastern Europe, Melina was reminded of her previous Soviet visit with a stop in Bratislava, Slovakia on route to Vienna.

While Melina specializes in European and US group travel, she is available to plan individual and family adventures to destinations on all seven continents.

Contact Melina: mcarnice@roadrunner.com

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